A Compassionate Enquiry into Addiction

By Richard Devine, Social Worker for Bath and North East Somerset Council and Ian Thomas, Independent Social Worker and Tedx Speaker

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Ian and I recently delivered a webinar with Siobhan Maclean and the Student Connect Team. It was a real privilege to collaborate with Ian on this. I was also delighted to return to be part of a series of highly engaging, informative and practice-relevant webinars. We are extremely fortunate to be practising in a time whereby we have access to such a wonderful resource.

Siobhan and the team described the webinar in the following way: ‘Our guests talk about their own lived experience in relation to addiction as well explore the internal and external factors surrounding addiction, including the harmful nature of mainstream narratives from society. The perfect blend of personal experience, theory and analysis, this is definitely not one to be missed!’

If you have any feedback, especially constructive feedback then we would love to hear from you – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

By Richard Devine (04.05.22)

Published by Richard Devine's Social Work Practice Blog

My name is Richard Devine. I am a Social Worker in Bath and North East Somerset Council. After I qualified in 2010 I worked in long term Child Protection Teams. Since 2017 I have been undertaking community based parenting assessments. I obtained a Masters in Attachment Studies 2018.

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