Rich Devine’s Social Work Podcast, 1st EVER episode

I have finally, after many years of researching, published my 1st podcast (yay!). I have spent endless amount of hours looking up various editing programmes, publishing sites and microphones over the past two-three years. The more I researched, the more confused I became.

Eventually, I contacted Vicki from Social Work Sorted (who was incredibly kind, generous and encouraging) and used the editing software and publishing website she recommended. I jumped straight in and recorded and published my first episode with a few days of the recommendations.

The most effective way of learning, often, is by doing. I realised that I had too high standards of what a podcast should sound like, and this was deterring me from actually starting. I was trying to learn how to ride a bike by reading an instruction manual on how to ride a bike, instead of jumping on, practising, falling over a few times and gradually improving.

My intention is to create a podcast that I would of listened to as a newly qualified social worker. A podcast that provides you with knowledge, tools and ideas that help you to make a positive difference in the lives of children and families. I want you to have access to practical ideas that connect with the challenges of frontline practice.

The podcast can be found in all the usual places…please check it out and let me know what you think? Getting feedback will be the most effective way of improving the quality and quantity, so it is all welcome.

I would also love for you to send in questions that I could answer during the podcast.Finally, if you know how I can add music, or have any technical skills that could help with improving the sound or overall experience, please get in touch. Any help and assistance with this would be massively appreciated. My e-mail address is:

Published by Richard Devine's Social Work Practice Blog

My name is Richard Devine. I am a Social Worker in Bath and North East Somerset Council. After I qualified in 2010 I worked in long term Child Protection Teams. Since 2017 I have been undertaking community based parenting assessments. I obtained a Masters in Attachment Studies 2018.

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