Why we don’t talk to children?

A guest blog from Andy Black, a Social Worker in the Child in Care Team at Bath and North East Somerset Council (08.05.20). Introduction: I wanted to write this blog as the question of why we don’t talk to children is something that has consistently arisen within my own practice. After almost two years workingContinue reading “Why we don’t talk to children?”

A summary on the ‘WHY’ of writing a chronology

The most important part of writing a chronology is understanding WHY we complete them. Often in Social Work, the ‘HOW’ is underpinned by the ‘WHY.  There are many reasons to complete a chronology but here are five of the main reasons:  To understand Children Social Care involvement with the family or child thus far. YouContinue reading “A summary on the ‘WHY’ of writing a chronology”