Richard McGuire Devine

Vision = Child protection system that does not involve the necessity to permanently remove children from their families

I’m a social worker. Officially my job for Bath and North East Somerset Council is to write parenting assessments and support workforce development.

I am passionate about helping children and families and developing a compassionate, principle-based approach to child protection. I believe all social workers wish to work with children and families with skill, competence, and integrity. I think social work is a force for good in the world.  

I have a blog where I write about all things social work, covering topics such as assessment, direct work, time management and dealing with conflict. My obsession with helping children and families means I am intensely interested in learning and reading and especially interested in how we use ideas, knowledge, and theory in practice.

My mission is for all social workers to develop skills, knowledge, and confidence for effective, compassionate, and evidence-based practice to flourish so that children and families receive the help they need and deserve.

I deliver training, consultation, and write assessments of parenting capacity and risk.  For more information on assessments, bespoke training or consultancy get in touch.

I have collaborated with Siobhan Maclean, and the Student Connect Team delivering two webinars.

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