Mastering Authority and Compassion in Child Protection – Last Chance to Secure Your Webinar Seat!

I am delighted to be running this series of masterclasses with BASW, and following the last one, which sold out, I will be convening the next one on working with conflict in child protection on Tuesday 16th May 2023.

I would love for you to be there or I would be SUPER, duper grateful if you were to share this with anyone who you think would be interested.

The session will explore how social workers can effectively manage conflict. Conflict is an ever-present and unavoidable feature of child protection social work. Parents are often fearful, frightened, or angry about social work involvement and/or may be unwilling or resistant to change. This makes relationships tense and difficult.
Most agree that improving the lives of children and families depends on building and maintaining effective relationships. Yet, there is surprisingly little guidance on how to achieve this in such a difficult context. Social workers can be left feeling inadequate or ineffective when their attempts to support are thwarted.
In this focused masterclass, Rich Devine, drawing on his twelve years of front-line practice, will explore how conflict is unavoidable in child protection. He will share ideas and methods that facilitate the development of effective and meaningful relationships, so that you can feel confident in managing complex and challenging relationships and improve outcomes for children.

Following on from this, there is a series covering other topics, such as;

Effective assessment in child protection, part 1 and 2

Top tips on how to use attachment theory and trauma

How to survive (and thrive!) in child protection

Skills and principles for cultivating a relational approach to addiction in child protection

Moral distress, impossible decisions and removing children

Look forward to seeing you there…

Published by Richard Devine's Social Work Practice Blog

My name is Richard Devine. I am a Social Worker in Bath and North East Somerset Council. After I qualified in 2010 I worked in long term Child Protection Teams. Since 2017 I have been undertaking community based parenting assessments. I obtained a Masters in Attachment Studies 2018.

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